Nike to Metro Council: Just Do It



On a day when The Tennessean lifts high this load of paternalistic claptrap circa the paleolithic era, Nike — really, of all companies — sent Metro Councilman Mike Jameson a letter in support of his efforts in sponsoring and helping to pass a nondiscrimination bill with LGBT protections that would apply to certain parts of the private sector.

Jameson says the letter was unsolicited, and he seemed just as surprised as Pith to receive it.

Nike Inc., which knows a thing or two about human rights, employs some 2,000 Tennesseans, according to its letter, from U.S. Director of Government and Public Affairs Orson C. Porter.

Read the letter here. For now, a snippet:

At Nike, we believe diversity and inclusion is about respecting our differences, leveraging our strengths and maximizing opportunity for everyone. Nike is passionately supportive of its employees, respectful of our consumers and committed to equality for our athletes. As a result, these values make us a better company and more competitive in our industry.

Nike is also a devoted corporate citizen in the greater Nashville area. In total, Nike has nearly 2,000 employees entrenched in various communities across the state of Tennessee. While honoring our diverse employee base, we feel all of our employees have the right to live in communities where they feel respected and valued. Thus, Nike strongly supports the enactment of this ordinance which seeks to uphold the basic principles of equality and fairness.

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