Pick of the Day: Enter the Void Director's Cut at Belcourt



Enter the Void Director's Cut
Where: The Belcourt
When: Wed., March 2, 7 & 10 p.m.

Somewhere in The Belcourt is a fire extinguisher signed by Gaspar Noe — a gesture that should make anyone who saw his brilliant but punishing Irreversible flinch involuntarily. Noe’s follow-up feature Enter the Void isn’t the assaultive experience his earlier films are, but it’s sensually ravishing in a (mercifully) different way. His psychedelic phantasmagoria is the 2001 of drug-trip movies, with the soul of a newly dead junkie (Nathaniel Brown) soaring over the pulsing neon streets of Tokyo as he watches over his trouble-bound sister (Paz de la Huerta).

A virtuosic attempt at first-person cinema, aiming straight for the outer edges of the cosmos, this is crazy and exhilarating movie-making that demands to be seen on the big screen (if only for those synapse-frying opening credits). For one night only, The Belcourt is showing the full three-hour cut that premiered at Cannes in 2009, before it was shortened by one 17-minute reel.

The credits alone are worth the trip (in every sense of the word). Above, you'll find the credits sequence — and to get the full effect, we suggest you blow them up to full screen, turn your monitor up full blast, and sit about 10 inches from the screen.

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