Meet David Yerushalmi, the Charming Author of Bill Ketron's Sharia Law Bill



Though Bill Ketron claims that his Sharia Law law would not affect Muslims who only wanted to practice the religious "tentacle" of Islam, one wonders how he can be sure what's in the bill. That's because the bill's actual author turns out to be David Yerushalmi, who has some interesting ideas about whether women, black people, and the "adult retarded man" (pardon while I bite my tongue) should be able to vote.

Already the blogosphere is fuming. Here's The American Prospect's Adam Serwer, in the article linked above:

The Tennessee legislation is blatantly unconstitutional under the First Amendment, and in a particularly dumb form of irony, it also manages to mirror the criminalization of minority religious expression that are the hallmark of repressive Islamist societies. State Sen. Bill Ketron and state House Rep. Judd Matheny of Tennessee should really explain why [they think] that someone who supports literacy tests, and thinks there's wisdom in denying blacks and women the right to vote, has any business writing laws in the state of Tennessee.

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