Saturday You Can Walk for Choice!



Nashville will be home to one of the national Walk for Choice peaceful protests on Saturday from noon-3 p.m. The location will be announced on their Facebook page.

As you know, if you follow the news, we've seen a slew of anti-woman legislation proposed and passed by the House of Representatives, from the "we don't want taxpayer money to pay for abortions, even if the only taxpayer paying for an abortion is the rape victim who needs it" (HR 3) to "let's just get rid of Title X because we hate Planned Parenthood and don't care if that means women can't get cancer screening or prenatal care" (amendment to HR 1).

Yes, there are representatives who hate abortion, but somehow believe that making contraceptives difficult or impossible for women to get doesn't increase the number of abortions. They apparently live in a fantasy world.

For the rest of us stuck in the real world, where unemployment is 10 percent and people get raped and people get cancer and people need affordable health care, it's important to send the Senate a message that they'd better not go along with this nonsense.

(See Women's Health News for more details.)

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