Food for Thought: Lunch Line 7 p.m. Tonight at Belcourt



From Steven Hale's review in this week's Scene:

It's no surprise that Michael Graziano and Ernie Park, co-directors of the provocative documentary Lunch Line, are also professional educators. At 63 minutes, their film is a crash course on the history of the School Lunch Program, as well as the ongoing debate about how to make school lunches healthier and how to pay for them. In fact, if you attend the Belcourt's screening, and subsequent panel discussion — and I'd recommend it — you might want to come prepared to take notes.

But even though it has more than enough information for a college lecture, Lunch Line won't put you to sleep the way your freshman history course did. To their credit, the filmmakers take full advantage of the fact that they have more than a podium to work with. The story is told using animated sequences, often with original audio from the most important points in the timeline. It might be a bit silly — players on each side of the debate are portrayed as vampires and werewolves, based on a student's Twilight-inspired metaphor — but it's an amusing and useful way to catch us up on more than 60 years of history.

For more information about tonight's 7 p.m. screening and reception, click here.

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