Councilman Calls Out Chamber for Position on CANDO



Metro Councilman Jamie Hollin this weekend called out the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce for its position on CANDO, a bill he is co-sponsoring (with CMs Mike Jameson and Erica Gilmore) that would extend protections to LGBT workers at companies that contract with city government.

On Friday, the chamber issued its first public statement on the bill, saying it had surveyed its members and decided more time was needed to study the effects of the legislation. This came three days after top officials in the Dean administration met with Chris Sanders of the Tennessee Equality Project, the premier local LGBT rights entity, discussing — among other things — a possible deferral of the bill, which is up for a vote on second reading tomorrow evening. Shortly after the chamber issued its letter Friday, Dean made a brief statement in support of the bill.

From Hollin's letter to the chamber:

For the record, the sponsors have made themselves available for any questions, offered to address any of you individually or in groups, offered to participate in a forum or debate, if necessary. To date, we haven’t been asked to respond to any requests for information unless you count the letter we received today—the eve of the vote on Monday in committee, which seem to be taken straight from the pages of a Williamson County-based website.

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