Pick of the Day: Paintings by Christopher Froelich



Paintings by Christopher Froelich at Ronell & Co.
Where: Ronell & Co., 83 Arcade
When: Through Feb. 4

The normal fare at Ronell & Co. offers the muted, naturalistic paintings of owner Ronell Venter, but January throws some spice into the mix with a show by California transplant Christopher Froelich. The combination of their styles is refreshing. Rooms of Venter’s expertly controlled oils are set off by Froelich’s punked-out take on Jackson Pollock. Splatter paintings, like so many abstract styles, can easily go either way. Stuffy art types will torture meaning from them, or they will look like something produced by an elephant with a paintbrush. Froelich, though, manages to splatter with real style. Black-and-white compositions bear subtle hints of primary dribbles, and rainbows of kinetic energy are orchestrated into balance. Most importantly, they look pretty damn cool.

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