Maps the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Doesn't Want You To See



The website Pleated Jeans has made a map called "The United States of Shame" showing what each state is the worst at. Kentucky has the most cancer deaths, while the states along our southern border can now be called "Most Sickly," "Stroke," and "Obesity."

And Tennessee?

We're No. 1 — for corruption!

As if that weren't embarrassing enough, over at Crooks and Liars, they've put together a map of domestic terrorist violence directed at liberal and/or government folks since 2008. Who has a fifth of said incidents?

Yep. Us.

People of America, I beg you to not write off Tennessee as a tourist destination just because we seem like an incredibly scary place to visit. Really, it's not that bad. Sure, four domestic terrorist incidents sounds troubling, but look at the map: Middle Tennessee is domestic terrorist incident-free*.

So, come to Nashville. Sure, we may be corrupt, but you could buy yourself a government official. That'd be a hell of a souvenir, right?

*Disclaimer: That sentence is not true if you look more broadly than "violence directed at liberal and/or government folks," obviously.

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