Tennessean: Death of Health-Care Reform Prognosticated With Single Victory Among Numerous Defeats



The Tennessean came out with a doomsday story today about the Virginia federal court's ruling characterizing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional. Conservatives everywhere are cheering because God forbid we do anything for anyone other than those in the top income bracket. (See: tax cuts for the rich, which is unpopular; failing to provide health care to 9/11 responders because they're blue-collar; and passing a financial reform bill that will still allow Wall Street banks to securitize their underwear if they so choose.)

Specifically, Judge Henry E. Hudson ruled that the insurance mandate exceeded the powers of the federal government. But a lack of affordable health insurance is sending the deficit spiraling out of control. (Can Republicans stop claiming to be fiscal hawks now?) What the story failed to mention is the judge's apparent financial conflict of interest. It seems pertinent to Pith that Hudson is an investor in a firm that is actively involved in seeking the repeal of health-care reform. Campaign Solutions Inc. has consulted for Sarah Palin, John McCain, John Boehner, Michelle Bachmann and, perhaps most notably, Ken Cuccinelli, the Virginia attorney general who filed the lawsuit against reform Hudson just ruled in favor of.

Might be a good thing to tell us about, guys. Also, it should be noted that two federal judges have ruled in favor of reform and 12 other cases challenging its constitutionality have been dismissed. Here's the latest, but of course it doesn't get the media attention.

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