Help Oasis Center Make Christmas a Little Merrier for Struggling Nashville Families



From the Oasis Center website
  • From the Oasis Center website
It's no secret that we are big fans of the Oasis Center, which offers a variety of different programs "to help young people overcome serious challenges that prevent them from transitioning into a healthy adulthood." In fact, we like it so much that we selected Oasis Center co-founders Hal Cato and Roger Dinwiddie as our 2009 Nashvillians of the Year.

The Oasis Center is currently running an "Adopt a Family" campaign to help put groceries, clothes and gifts on the tables of struggling Nashville families this holiday season. It can be as easy as writing a check or buying a couple of Kroger, Wal-Mart or Target gift cards.

Below is the request from Andrew Suitter, Oasis Center's coordinator of volunteer services. If you'd like to help out, his contact info as at the end:

Hello Friends and Volunteers of Oasis Center;

Over the last couple weeks, our staff has become aware of many needs among the youth and families we serve through Oasis Center. Groceries, baby items, clothing, toys for little ones, as well as many other items top the lists. To best meet these needs, each family and individual has a profile with their needs highlighted, and are available for adoption. Would you consider helping us make the holidays a bit brighter for these families and young people in need? If you are interested to Adopt-A-Family, please call or email me, and I will be happy to match you.

Thank you for your time, and consideration to help. Have a wonderful evening.

Kindest Regards,

Andrew Suitter
Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Student Internships &
the National Safe Place Partnership

Oasis Center
The Youth Opportunity Center
1704 Charlotte Ave Suite 200
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
615/983-6860 o
615/329.1444 f

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