Withering Rose Park?



Might wanna rethink this one, BU...
  • Might wanna rethink this one, BU...
Even the Pope (or at least JPII) would probably agree that Belmont officials stepped in it when they dismissed women's soccer coach Lisa Howe Dec. 2, after she revealed to her team that her same-sex partner is expecting a baby. The university's PR containment effort has been instead a series of increasingly unusual explanations and defenses as media continue to reveal what everyone suspected: Belmont has a history of this.

Now, a pair of Metro Council members are taking things a step further. Jamie Hollin and Mike Jameson are co-sponsors of a bill that would rescind the city's 2007 arrangement with Belmont that allows the university to use Rose Park to expand its athletic facilities. The pair are expected to file the bill Tuesday.

Their reasoning, from the ordinance (warning: PDF):

WHEREAS, based on actions recently taken by Belmont University concerning the termination of the women’s soccer coach, presumably as a result of her sexual orientation, the Metropolitan Council no longer desires for the Metropolitan Government to participate with Belmont University in the development and shared use of Rose Park unless and until Belmont University Formally amends its official bylaws and policies to prohibit discrimination of all forms, including sexual orientation.


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