Woods: Democrats Suggest Killing the State Party Might Make It Stronger



In today's Scene, Jeff Woods reports that some Democrats find the state party in such disarray that the only thing capable of speeding its recovery is a major housecleaning. One excerpt:

"It was just a Republican year," says Doug Horne, another former party chair, in an explanation that sounds like a Little Leaguer describing why the other team wanted it more. Yet his fatalism is a common refrain among the Tennessee Democrats who presided over November's iceberg-ramming. Shrugging their shoulders, they blame President Obama's unpopularity and those crazy, unpredictable political winds, and let it go at that.

"There's a lot of defensiveness," one disgusted Democrat says. "There were enough people there whose fingerprints are all over where we are, and they're still trying to defend themselves. They say this was all Obama. This is something we had no control over. That's bullshit.

"Of course, it's true to an extent. We could all go back to Harry Truman and say that's what started it. When he said he was for civil rights, that was the beginning of the end. But it's kind of hopeless to be saying that's what it's all about."

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