Project Homeless Connect Wednesday at Fairgrounds



The latest unemployment numbers, teetering on the brink of 10 percent, aren't promising for the homeless population. And trying to fathom what it's like to be homeless for the holidays, or trying to survive on the streets on unseasonably cold days like today, is a pretty sobering proposition.

Project Homeless Connect, organized by The Key Alliance (a nonprofit fundraising arm of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission created in 2009), takes place tomorrow at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, and provides a wide array of services for those currently experiencing homelessness. From the press release:

Project Homeless Connect is a one-day, one-stop event to provide people experiencing homelessness with access to a broad range of services, including legal services, employment assistance, medical and foot care, pet care, food, toiletries and more. The event also helps participants contact long lost family members, obtain identification and fill out applications for housing opportunities. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide these services along with the highest respect and hospitality available. Basically, it’s a one day event of what we should be doing every day.

Visit the website for more information, and spread to the word.

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