Mike Curb to Belmont: 'Re-Hire Lisa Howe'



In a missive that must have Belmont administrators quaking, Mike Curb — one of the university's major benefactors, and the namesake of its lavish Curb Event Center and Mike Curb College of Music and Entertainment Business — has called on the university to reverse its handling of Coach Lisa Howe's departure.

Citing the "incredible contributions" made by gay people in the entertainment industry, where Belmont students presumably mean to find their careers, Curb vows to use his authority to get the Belmont board of trustees to reconsider and avoid what he terms "this type of injustice."

The Scene had tried throughout the afternoon to reach Curb for confirmation, but the mighty Belmont Vision is reporting that Curb's office says the letter is genuine. Full text below.


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