Can We Hang When Jesus Comes, Rapture Billboard Lady?



People have been setting Rapture dates for a long time. Some 220 dates in all, by this site's count. Insular groups of faithful have waited with bated breath for hundreds of years, canceling credit cards and telling bosses to fuck off, only to watch the moment pass, their bodies disappointingly earthbound, their march of shame back into the office to beg that boss for their job virtually assured.

But for real, people, Family Radio, Inc.'s Harold Camping has got it right this time: May 21, 2011. Fans of Family Radio have paid for signs all over the country, according to The Tennessean, and Nashville's Allison Warden is taking care of us. Apparently there are 40 such billboards in and around Music City.

And the date: "It's a certainty," Warden said.

Allison, can Pith hang out with you as you await Jesus' triumphant return on a chariot of cumulonimbus clouds and lightning bolts? We'd like a comment — either as you're lifted up to the cloud chariot, or as you sit dumbfounded until Camping revises his estimate, again and again, Edgar Whisenant-style.

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