Frank Niceley Has to Take a Moment to Let the Little Lady Know She's Won Because She's Cute



Frank Niceley. Good God Almighty, what kind of insecure jerk do you have to be to run to the media after a Republican victory the likes of which this state has never seen, after just seating Beth Harwell as the most powerful woman in the state's history, to undermine your fellow Republican with this "she just won 'cause she's cute" crap?

Not the voting record? Not the college-professory brain? Not the two-decade political career? Not her ability to build a coalition?

No. She's "good-lookin' " and women like her.

There you go. As far as Niceley is concerned, Harwell's accomplishments can all be distilled down to this: Since some folks want to fuck her without causing other folks to get jealous, Harwell can have some power.

Crap like this makes me wish the Republicans would bring back the duel.

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