You Better Watch Out: Tea Party Vows Retribution if Harwell Elected Speaker


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The secret ballot for the House Republican Caucus isn't until Thursday, but it's never too soon for the Tea Party to start making threats about the outcome of the closely watched House Speaker race between Reps. Beth Harwell and Glen Casada. Woods, in the City Paper:

“I want to know who voted and who voted for whom and what their reasoning was,” said Mark Skoda, leader of the Memphis Tea Party, which is lobbying for Casada. “That’s an issue of transparency. This is not the time to go secret ballot. At the end of the day, I want to know how my representatives voted. We want to know what their rationale was. An anonymous secret vote is problematic.” ...

Skoda said that should Harwell win her party’s nomination, the Tea Party will punish any representatives who vote for her for speaker.

“If she is elected, there will be House leaders who will pay the price in the next election cycle. It’s just that simple,” he said.


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