Bummerino Metropolis: H&M Has No Plans To Open in Nashville



Just not here.
  • Just not here.
I still can't verify where it started, but all the sudden the other day, folks started saying they heard that fast fashion retailer H&M was going to fill the space left by Davis-Kidd's regrettable departure. This isn't the first anyone's said we deserve an H&M, whose speedy, outrageously cheap but indisputably cute duds have earned them the title "the IKEA of fashion." (Well, and the fact that the company, which is short for Hennes and Mauritz, is Swedish.)

People have blogged about how badly we need a store. They've tweeted it. There's even a Facebook page (whose existence certainly doesn't confirm actual effort to court the retailer, but still).

They have 2,000 stores in 38 countries, and even though they're cutting back the number of new openings they'd originally planned for this next year due to lower-than-expected Q3 earnings, they're still planning on opening 180 new stores. And ... they've been showing commercials here! (I personally haven't seen them, but apparently lots of folks have.)

Well, don't go shooting the (H&M-from-two-years-ago jacket-wearing) messenger or anything, but spokesperson Nicole Christie has confirmed to the Scene that they have no plans to open any stores here. And that they show commercials in lots of places where they also aren't opening stores. To wit:

We currently do not have any plans to open a store in Nashville. H&M has recently expanded our advertising campaigns to national television spots. The national spots include a number of markets in which H&M has not yet opened stores. These spots are not meant to imply that we are opening in Nashville in 2011.

Sorry kids. But hit me up next time you're going to Atlanta.

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