Meet the Frothers: First in a Pith Series on the New Republican Majority



Sheila Butts book
  • Sheila Butt's book
The first day of next year's state legislative session will seem like the Star Wars bar scene come to terrifying life.Yet more frothers, fearmongers and zealots will be elected next week in the great Republican storm, joining all the incumbent Wookiees and weird aliens in a mighty new majority. We can't wait.

One of these state House hopefuls is Sheila Butt, a Christian author and motivational speaker who is challenging Ty Cobb, the dim-bulb freshman Democrat from Columbia. What's Butt all about?

To begin to answer that question, we checked out her latest book, Everyday Princess: Daughter of the King. In this "instructional manual" for every Christian girl hoping to become "a real princess" in the eyes of God, Butt explains how to avoid the pitfalls of meeting homosexuals, dating blacks, dancing with anyone and lots of other stuff. Here's a sample:

Will dating someone of another race be helpful or beneficial? Understanding that you will eventually marry someone that you date, will you be just as happy for your children to grow up biracial? I have seen instances when a young lady started dating someone of another race, and there were those of her own race who were not interested in dating her after that.

To admonish her readers against the ways of the wicked, Butt trashes Natalie Holloway:

Does the name Natalie Holloway mean anything to you? She was a high school graduate from Alabama having the unofficial graduation party of her life in Aruba when she went missing. No one knows what happened to Natalie Holloway. Do you know what? When it was happening, I doubt if she knew either. She was probably stoned, drugged or passed out at the time.

We would transcribe more of Butt's wisdom, but you get the picture and we can't bear to keep reading this book. Besides, it's Brandon's time!


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