A Tasty Non-Dairy Dessert or a Tasty Canadian Forward?



  • Photo Illustration: Sven Harucheski

As anyone who has attended a Predators game knows, the team has a promo wherein if the guys score four goals (it used to be five, but, you know, the lowering of standards in America) there are free Frostys from Wendy's after the game. (There's a similar promotion at Vanderbilt football games where — I swear I'm not making this up — fans get a free taco if the Commodores muster 14 points.)

It is de rigueur for the assembled faithful to chant "We want Frostys!" whenever the team nets its third goal, as they did last night when Patric Hornqvist fired one into the net five minutes into the third period to put the home team up 3-2 over the Penguins in front of a sellout crowd at Bridgestone Arena.

The crack sports team at The Tennessean heard something different.

From the secondary hockey story in today's local fishwrapper:

Midway through the third period Thursday night, a few hundred Predators fans chanted, "We want Crosby! We want Crosby!"

Crosby, in this case, is Penguins' center Sidney Crosby — maybe the best player in the world, and certainly the last guy local hockey fans would want on the ice when the home team's protecting a late one-goal lead.

New Preds beat writer Josh Cooper and long-time 1100 sports jack-of-all-trades Bryan Mullen co-bylined the story, so there's no telling who made the listening error. But the pair built an entire piece around the idea that Preds fans were chanting, begging, pleading for the Penguins' star player to be on the ice. Especially because we wanted him to score a tying goal and set up the overtime game winner, as he did last night.

I have season tickets up in 303 — The Cellblock — and no one up there would chant "We want Crosby!" unless it was appended with a suggestion Sid the Kid do something that is possibly pleasurable but anatomically impossible.

Look, Predators fans get derided all the time, especially by nefarious Canadians, for our lack of hockey knowledge — because of course it's impossible that in little more than a decade, a bunch of yokel Nashvillians could figure out the sport. But after following the team for awhile, Mullen, for sure, should expect to hear "We want Frostys!" after the third goal. Heretofore, Cooper has earned the respect of Predators' fans. He is active on Twitter, interacting with fans, and does a daily spot on 104.5's 3-Hour Lunchmy favorite show.

I'm curious as to what Cooper thought the fans meant when they chanted "Fleury! Fleury! Fleury! You suck!" at the Pens' goalie. Did he think we were expressing our derision for McDonald's Frosty competitor?

While it's an irritating error, it is, quite frankly, not as funny as a Tennessean sports headline from last week that made it all the way to FailBlog suggesting the Titans might, um, be busy with something besides football against the Jags.

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