Herron Flails at Fincher, Calls GOP Foe 'the Fibber from Frog Jump'



Behind in the polls and abandoned by his own party in Washington, Roy Herron held a press conference this morning to tar Stephen Fincher as “the fibber from Frog Jump,” a dishonest pawn of shadowy special interests. Herron hit the gospel singing farmer for his squirrelly personal and campaign finances and for ducking the media and refusing to debate during their campaign for Congress in West Tennessee’s Eighth District. He challenged Fincher to “man up” and answer his allegations.

“He has hidden more than Charlie Rangel” on his financial disclosure forms, Herron charged.

“Stephen Fincher’s first official act in Congress could be to defend himself before the House Ethics Committee. The central issue in this race is about character. Elected officials should be honest, open and independent. Stephen Fincher is none of the three. How’s he going to debate Nancy Pelosi in Washington when he won’t debate me in Tennessee? He’s not being honest about his assets, his debts, his mysterious $250,000 loan. He’s not being open by refusing to debate, refusing to release his tax returns, refusing to meet with reporters and editors and answer the people’s questions. He’s not being independent when two-thirds of his campaign funding is from the NRCC, 60 Plus, and other unknown groups with unknown donors, and money is cascading in from these shadowy sources.”

More Herron:

“He reports his income as $59,000 a year. That’s what he reports on his disclosure. Yet he lives in a quarter-million dollar, 5,400 square foot new home with a pool, drives expensive vehicles, sends three children to expensive out-of-county private schools. How’s he do that on $59,000 a year?”

“He may not be a public servant, never having done any public service. But politics he has done and a politician he is. And by his own admission, he was recruited by well-known Republican operatives. He’s either a politician or the device of politicians.”

“60 Plus says they’re going to spend three quarters of a million dollars in attack ads on his behalf. 60 Plus is funded by the big drug companies. It’s funded by the same folks on Wall Street that want to privatize Social Security and rake off billions in fees for taking tax dollars from those on Social Security. The NRCC admits to spending nearly a million dollars on his behalf. His campaign disclosures show additional hundreds of thousands from unknown groups with unknown donors. There is a deluge of D.C. money, and he is as dependent on money from D.C. interest groups and politicians as any candidate in the country.”

“No congressional candidate in Tennessee history has hidden more and disclosed less, violated more ethics and election laws and answered fewer questions about it, dodged more debates and talked to fewer reporters, been more elusive or less honest. And if Stephen Fincher is offended by my stating these facts, let him man up, stand up and meet me in a public place and prove me wrong.”


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