Republican Hatchet Man Andy Seré Found Guilty ...


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... of being a sleazebag even by the low-blow standards of election-year attack.

Ironically, Seré laid himself open to that charge in an email broadside yesterday, while taking another campaign to task. The NRCC's regional press secretary hammered U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis for dredging up details from the ugly divorce of District 4 challenger Scott DesJarlais, when The Tennessean raked Davis over the coals back in 2005 for helping a relative-by-marriage with a checkered history of offenses get a job with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Strong (if old) stuff. But here's the subject heading that appeared in in-boxes yesterday:

"HYPOCRITE: Lincoln Davis once convicted of abuse..."

which leads to the kicker in the actual email:

"…of power:"

Convicted? By whom? The Tennessean? Hangin' Judge Andy? Check out Chas Sisk on the matter, and J.R. Lind on the fallout from yesterday's splenetic day in the Furious 4th. Davis should be pleased, however, that his Republican foes won't let anybody forget the DesJarlais dirt — if only to illustrate Davis' "desperate" ploy. Campaigns always produce ads and press releases to counteract an opponent's failing strategy.

P.S. Leave it to Rep. Stacey Campfield to find a way to slight both candidates.


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