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Today I stumbled across this nifty little video for the Figurative Artists Show at LeQuire Gallery, which in addition to its delightfully disorienting opening shot has a lot of that narrow-depth-of-field framing that is very much in vogue lately as people get their hands on increasingly capable video cameras. I also discovered today that LeQuire has a YouTube channel, a brief perusal of which tells me I should keep my eye on it. About the show: None other than the Scene's own Deborah Walden picked Figurative Artists as one of the best local exhibitions of the year. To wit:

If you take the time to leave your living room and see one painter in Nashville this whole year … no, in your whole life, make it Greg Decker. The guy has talent. Decker has taught at the MOMA and the Met, studied at Oxford, lived in Africa. He’s been all over the world, and just last year, he moved back to Nashville. How could we ever be so lucky? LeQuire Gallery was founded to celebrate the human figure. The Figurative Artists Show is right at the heart of its mission. This year’s edition brings you an interesting cocktail of styles and approaches: There’s the large-scale, textural portraits of Andrew Woolbright, the psychological studies of Marti Jones Dixon and most importantly, the mouthwatering symbolist paintings of Greg Decker. The gallery boasts that Decker “defines” everything this exhibit is about.

LeQuire Gallery is at 4304 Charlotte Ave., and is open Tuesdays-Saturdays. Figurative Artists Show continues through Nov. 13.


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