McWherter Talks to the Nashville Jewish Community



Throughout Mike McWherter's campaign, there have been two overarching themes — he's nice as hell (see Stephen George) and he says stuff that makes you wonder if he's ever ever considered what life is like for people who are different than him.

There are many practical questions that could be asked about McWherter's talk to the Nashville Jewish Community. Regardless of his personal feelings about prayer in school, does he really intend to make the state defend that position in federal court? Where would the money to pay for that defense come from? What role does he think a governor a state in the middle of the country has in helping build a wall between the United States and Mexico? Does he understand the difference between state and federal powers? What tax money can be used now to pay for abortions?

But let's leave those aside for a second. Let us instead ask this question: Does McWherter not want these folks' vote?

And if he does, did he — even for a second — wonder what it might be like to be a member of a religious minority listening to a man who wants to be the leader of their state talking about the importance of building a wall to keep the "wrong" people out of the country? Or talking about how he — a member of the majority religion — never thought it was a problem when he was in school that people prayed out loud? Does he even understand how bullying works? Or how he'd feel if his kids were being led in prayer to supernatural beings they didn't worship?

I have no doubt that McWherter could run a state full of people just like him. But Tennessee isn't full of people just like him.

And that's something he's yet to demonstrate that he understands.

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