Under Attack in Debate, Haslam Suddenly Cares About Issues


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Last night's gubernatorial campaign debate was another real snoozer. Comic relief didn't come until the very end when Bill Haslam puffed out his chest and stuck up for pathetic little defenseless Pilot Corp. against Mike McWherter's vicious attack machine. We laughed out loud when Haslam pretended to care about the issues. That's after he has absolutely refused for this entire campaign to state a single significant policy proposal. When McWherter accused him one more time of hiding his business connections, Haslam got all huffy:

"I'm going to change my remarks, Mike, because here's what it's really about. It's about politics. I haven't had one person other than a media person or a political opponent asked that because they know this. They know I have revealed far more than the law requires. Everybody in Tennessee knows every asset that I own. Everybody in Tennessee knows my connection with Pilot. I'm quite frankly surprised Mike at how anti-business you have been. And I guess sometime you should say, if you don't want Pilot in this state, you should just say that. You should just come out and say that. But I'm proud of the record I have. I'm proud of the record I have as mayor of Knoxville. When we talk about disclosure and ethical behavior in my case, it's not just a theoretical exercise. I've been mayor for seven years. I think we've upheld the highest ethical standards. The people of Knoxville felt that way. They reelected me with 87 percent of the vote. Governor Bredesen said he felt this whole thing was a fake issue. We need to move on and talk about the real issues."

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