Vegas Sequel to Nashville Tea Party Con Canceled



Part deux of Tea Party Nation's Teabag Con set in Sin City for Oct. 14 has been canceled apparently. You remember the gathering in February, don't you? Speakers dropped out at the last minute. Obscene ticket prices were charged. Sarah Palin was reportedly paid obscenely. And the event itself, which was supposed to espouse unity, ended up exposing the fractured and unwieldy nature of the Tea Party itself.

Judson Phillips, the Nashville defense attorney who specializes in drunk-driving cases and is the founder of Tea Party Nation, has been accused by other Tea Party members of co-opting the movement for personal financial gain. Although this time it seems he is distancing himself and TPN, at least outwardly, from the conference. The darling of feverish teabaggers, Sharron Angle — the hilariously media-averse Republican Senate candidate who told Fox News' Carl Cameron that she sticks with conservative media outlets because she wants reporters to "ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported" — was slated to be a keynote speaker. But Talking Points Memo says she may have been advised to bow out by local tea party leaders.

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