Hacks and Whores Dominate Democrats for Haslam



One of the new Democrats for Haslam encourages a voter on Dickerson Road.
  • One of the new 'Democrats for Haslam' encourages a voter on Dickerson Road.
Bill Haslam is crowing today because 105 Democrats and independents have agreed to let him put their names on a list of supporters. Here's the real news: He's 30 points ahead in the polls and his opponent is broke and stupid, and only 105 Democrats and independents would come out for Haslam.

Haslam touts his new supporters as prominent, but the list is a little lacking in big names. Notable is Reagan Farr, who just quit as state revenue commissioner. (Is it a good thing when the state tax collector endorses you?) But mostly, we're talking about unknown whores and glad-handers hoping to do business with state government or curry favor with the new governor for some other reason. Buck Dozier, Will Pinkston, Jane Alvis and James Pratt are on the list. Please. Mike Kelly of Jimmy Kelly's restaurant is on it. We guess Tom Ingram finally paid his bar tab.

We just noticed the assistant principal for Brentwood High is on Haslam's list. We heard he tried to snag the social studies teacher at Donelson Middle, but she's still undecided.

Here are all the names:


* Former Knox County School Board Chairman Sam Anderson
* Knoxville attorney Robyn Askew
* Knoxville attorney Gordon Ball
* Knoxville physician Charlie Barnett
* Knoxville businessman James Clifton Beeler
* Knoxville attorney Tasha Blakney
* Former Knoxville City Councilman Robert Booker
* Knoxville attorney Don Bosch
* Knoxville attorney Chuck Burks
* Former Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner for Bredesen Administration Betsy Child
* Market Square District Association President John Craig
* Former TVA Chairman and former Chief of Staff to U.S. Sen. Jim Sasser Craven Crowell
* Chattanooga attorney and former Assistant D.A. Lee Davis
* Regal Entertainment Group President and COO Greg Dunn
* C&C Millwright President and CEO Jerry Fortner
* Knoxville businessman Charles Frazier
* Chattanooga businesswoman Vicky Gregg
* Knoxville City Councilman Duane Grieve
* Knoxville attorney Greg Isaacs
* Knoxville businessman Jim Jennings
* Former Chattanooga Mayor Jon Kinsey
* United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America Southern District Vice President Danny Maples
* Former State Sen. Carl R. Moore
* Bristol consultant Elliott G. Moore
* Former Tennessee Bar Association President Pamela Reeves
* Former State Representative Wayne Ritchie
* Robledo Translations owner Patricia Robledo
* Museum Director/Knoxville Community Leader Avon W. Rollins, Sr.
* Former Knox County Mayor Tommy Schumpert
* Former Carson-Newman College President Joe Bill Sloan
* Former State Trial Administrator Larry Stephenson
* Former Knox County Commission Chairman Thomas "Tank" Strickland
* Lawler-Wood and Wood Properties founder H. Pat Wood


* Nashville Career Advancement Services Director Jacky Akbari
* Nashville educator Manuch Akbari
* Alvis Company President A. Jane Alvis
* Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council Political Director Michael Boner
* Former Department of Revenue Commissioner for Bredesen Administration Loren Chumley
* Nashville real estate broker Richard Courtney
* Nashville businessman Dick Darr
* Former Metro Councilman Buck Dozier
* Hudson Group Owner Wayne Edwards
* Former Department of Revenue Commissioner for Bredesen Administration Reagan Farr
* Former Shelby County Commissioner J.W. Gipson
* Tomkats Catering Group President Jesse Goldstein
* Former Senior Adviser of Legislation and Policy for Bredesen Administration Robert Gowan
* Nashville attorney Celeste Herbert
* Nashville physician Bill Holland
* Hudson Group Owner Bill Hudson
* Former Chief of Staff to U.S. Rep. Marion Berry Thad Huguley
* Ashland City Councilman Rick Johnson
* Jimmy Kelly's Restaurant owner Mike Kelly
* Pinnacle Financial Services Senior Vice President Brock Kidd
* Former Policy Chief for Bredesen Administration Drew Kim
* Cushion Employer Services CEO Pam Martin
* Molette Investment Services President Lee Molette
* State education leader Gary Nixon
* Former Department of Childrens' Services Legislative Liason for Bredesen Administration Emily Ogden
* Former Senior Adviser to Bredesen Administration Will Pinkston
* Former Communications Director for U.S. Sen. Jim Sasser James Pratt
* Nashville restauranteur Randy Rayburn
* Former BMI Music Group Executive Joyce Rider
* Former Chief of Staff to Gov. Buford Ellington Bo Roberts
* Former Department of Education Commissioner for Bredesen Administration Lana Seivers
* State education leader David Sevier
* Former Education Advisor to Bredesen Administration Patrick Smith
* Nashville Pastor Frank Stevenson
* Nashville activist Lekita Stevenson
* The Spiritual Herald Editor Robert Stevenson
* CIGNA Healthcare Vice President of Sales Mary Tate-Smith
* Former Metro Councilman Leo Waters
* First Tennessee Bank Senior Vice President Davis Watts
* Former Department of Commerce and Insurance Deputy Commissioner for Bredesen Administration Scott White
* Former Brentwood High School Assistant Principal Barbara Winfrey


* Former Brownsville Mayor Webb Banks
* Former Department of Economic and Community Development Assistant Commissioner for Bredesen Administration Joe Barker
* McKenzie Director of Finance Charlie Beal
* Carroll County healthcare professional Kay Beal
* The Blue Group President Stanley Blue
* Brittenum Bruce Managing Partner Dedrick Brittenum
* Former West Tennessee Jobs Development Director for Bredesen Administration Charlie Dyer
* Ewing Moving Service President Charles Ewing
* Memphis attorney and Tennessee Board of Regents member John Farris
* Memphis Small Business Chamber Executive Director and Chairman Andre Fowlkes
* Gipson Mechanical Contractors President Winston Gipson
* Shelby County Commissioner James Harvey
* Cushion Employer Services COO Anthony Holt
* Memphis hospital executive Cato Johnson
* Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer James Kerley
* Former Tipton County Sherriff Buddy Lewis
* Genesis Marketing CEO Bruce L. Mills
* Martin Chief of Police David Moore
* Former Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth Board Member Barbara Holden Nixon
* The Redwing Group CEO Ron Redwing
* Memphis Hospital Executive Gary Shorb
* System Technology President Jeremy Simpson
* Haywood County Mayor Franklin Smith
* Former Tennessee Bar Association President Charles Swanson
* Fayette County Mayor Skip Taylor
* Felix Way Advertising CEO Felix Walker
* Porter-Leath Executive Vice President of Development and New Business Mike Warr
* Best Nurses President Regina Williams
* Former Tennessee Chiefs of Police Association President Bobby Williamson
* State Farm Insurance Agency President Ron Willis
* Former Heritage Conservation Trust Executive Director Marie Yeagle


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