Haslam and McWherter Make Weird Comments on Muslim Fire



Huh? Haslam demands that Muslims obey the law.
  • Huh? Haslam demands that Muslims obey the law.
They didn't do it voluntarily. (We wouldn't want to risk losing the votes of our state's large bigot demographic, now would we?) But Andy Sher has managed to pry statements out of Bill Haslam and Mike McWherter on the arson fire at the future site of Murfreesboro's Islamic community center.

We're proud of McWherter. Forced to say something, he took a courageous stand against crime:

“Regardless of political or religious beliefs this hateful act of intolerance is not acceptable in Murfreesboro or anywhere else in the country. Furthermore, those individuals responsible for this cowardly act should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Haslam's statement, on the other hand, is mystifying. According to his campaign flack, David Smith:

“The mayor’s faith is very important to him, and he respects the right of others to practice their faith, so long as they are respectful of the communities in which they live and the laws of the land.”

Sorry, what? So somebody sets a fire on Muslim property, and Haslam demands that Muslims obey the law. Does he think they started the fire themselves? Dammit, they sure did cause a lot of trouble. All those fire engine sirens were so noisy.


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