Esteemed Commentator Defends Pith in the Wind



Political commentator Pat Nolan has rallied to the side of the award-winning Pith in the Wind in our little fuss with the governor over the selection of top aide John Morgan as Board of Regents' chancellor. You'll recall the governor took offense last week when we asked whether "it was far-fetched" to say the best-qualified candidate for chancellor "just happened to be" his top aide. He'll think twice before he messes with us again. Nolan writes:

What I think the Governor should do is take a step back and look at how this Chancellor selection process has come down: with qualifications changed to no longer required a doctoral degree; to make a key qualification to be hired detailed knowledge of the state's new higher education law (which John Morgan helped write): and finally, the extremely large pay raise the Board of Regents offered John Morgan to take the job (more than double what he made as Deputy Governor, although he has now declined it).

Based on that process, reporters asking questions seems legitimate to me. And if the Governor finds that "offensive", he better get his asbestos underwear ready because when Republican state lawmakers convene their hearings into the matter, sometime in September, they'll likely to be asking even more pointed questions in the media or even making specific charges about how this matter was handled by the Board of Regents itself.


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