It's Past Time for Mike McWherter to Work a Girly Job



So Mike McWherter is running for governor on the "there's a place for everyone in Tennessee, but the weirdos should keep away from the decent folks" platform. And one of his campaign strategies — appropriately enough called "Mike Works!"—is for him to go around and work a regular Tennessee job.

I follow him on Twitter (for you people! The lengths I go for you people!) and it's a little like a tour of the manliest man jobs in Tennessee: Mike works at a machine shop! Mike picks corn! Mike is an industrial dishwasher! Mike works at a factory! Mike works at a restaurant! Mike works at another farm! Mike washes some more dishes — but in a restaurant, of course, where it's manly! Mike fights a bear with only a knife! Mike single-handedly reduces the number of wild boar in the state with his two-finger death poke.

We get it. Jesus Christ, we get it. Mike McWherter is practically a living Dos Equis ad. Sharks have a week devoted to him.

When does McWherter go do a job that's not so much about how manly he is? When do we see him shadowing a kindergarten teacher? Or working in a daycare? Why doesn't he get on the line with some of the gals at Tyson? Or sweep up at a hair salon? Or follow around an administrative assistant? Or bag some groceries?

Women have blue-collar jobs too. Aren't they worth doing?

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