Tonight on Dateline: The Kelley Cannon Story



Mega-props to former Scene scribe Elizabeth Ulrich, whose fascinating 2008 interview with a slowly unraveling Kelley Cannon will appear tonight on Dateline NBC as part of the episode "A Gathering Storm," at 9 p.m. CT:

She told police the call came late one night — her husband saying he was terrified of someone or something, and needed help. By the next morning, he was dead. Suddenly she was the one who needed help ... from a lawyer. Keith Morrison has the story of two lives lost in "A Gathering Storm."

Morrison was spotted eating at Arnold's a few weeks ago, and a Scene colleague inquired what the personality was doing in town. "Just a little murrrder story," the boomy baritone replied.

That murder story involves former prom queen Cannon, who was found guilty this past April of strangling husband/attorney James Cannon in their Green Hills home in 2008. That same year, Cannon gave an exclusive interview to Ulrich, in which she insisted she was innocent and demonized her deceased husband.

Tune in! This has all the makings of a great piece of television, even if it's on the wrong channel: A week prior to interviewing Cannon, Ulrich had reported on the police's lack of suspects in the case, likening the Cannons' marriage — littered with police reports about psychotic behavior and instability — to "a bad Lifetime movie."

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