There Once Was a Man from Nantucket



Were really going to miss this guy.
  • We're really going to miss this guy.
Well, that's the last time Republicans will invite Zach Wamp to a unity rally. As Andy Sher reports today, Wamp couldn't resist taking a shot at the party's silk-stocking, country-club set in his remarks Saturday:

“I want to say this without stepping on any toes,” Wamp told assembled party leaders as Haslam, Ramsey and Republican U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker stood near. “The future of this party and this country is not in Nantucket. The future of this party and our country is in Frog Jump, Tenn. What I mean by that is that’s where working families are. And that’s where just good grass-roots people who share our core principles are.”

One of Wamp's campaign operatives insisted the congressman was talking about Barack Obama, who is fond of vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, the next island over from Nantucket. Right. In that case, why didn't Wamp say the future of the party is not in Martha's Vineyard?

But while the president is no man from Nantucket, Jimmy Haslam owns a home there, and so does Bill Frist. Lamar Alexander used to own land there. Bob Corker visits Jimmy Haslam there. It turns out Bill Haslam is the odd guy out. Isn't that surprising? He says he couldn't find Nantucket on a map. “I don’t hang out there," he says.


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