Basil Marceaux Campaign Coordinator James Crenshaw Responds to Skeptics


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In a Pith post yesterday covering the gubernatorial debate set up by the Basil Marceaux camp, I speculated that Marceaux's campaign staffers might have motivations that weren't purely political: "It's hard to tell if Marceaux campaign coordinator James Crenshaw and the two or three other Marceaux people present have any real political sympathy with Marceaux, or if they are pranksters who spotted an opportunity to make a documentary on Tennessee's gubernatorial Internet meme."

Wonkette was far less circumspect in a piece about the Marceaux staffers, even breaking out the dreaded CAPS LOCK button: "Hopefully these evil hip-hoppers will go away after your primary victory tonight and stop filming this skateboard-trick video about you, as THEY CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES." (If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.)

Crenshaw took issue with the suggestion that he's exploiting the candidate, and wrote to Pith to explain himself and defend his motives:

"It has come to question my level of sincerity in Mr Marceaux’s campaign. I would like to address the more serious accusations that I am somehow exploiting Basil or making a joke of this. This contempt for Basil combined with a complete lack of respect for our Libertarian stance in the liberal community leads people to think anyone who sides with him is either crazy or using him. The fact is I know Basil isn’t backed by Oil interests or Senate connections or anything but his word means a lot to me, and I decided Basil needed a viable outlet to get his views out.

True I do not agree with everything he says, particularly his stances on religion and immigration, but that is pretty much how it goes around here with any politician. I decided to lend what very little free time I have, seeing as I am bedridden nearly two thirds of every day, to helping Basil in every way as a politician. It wasn’t much, as my injuries don’t allow me to do anything as well as I use to, but I did what little I could to help get his message out.

I have done everything with his whole families blessing, and have been personally thanked by his sons for the videos I put out with Basil. I have gained nothing personally or financially, I have just sought to help someone promote their ideas to the best of my current ability, in an extremely weakened state. I would like to ask that any personal attacks on me and my family stop, as they are in poor taste. Thank you to all the believers in the cause of freedom and liberty!"


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