Why I Voted For J.R. Lind for Governor in the Democratic Primary



Could This Man Be Any Worse than the Official Nominee?
  • Could This Man Be Any Worse than the Official Nominee?
1. Apparently Phil Bredesen is well-liked. J.R. Lind has experience coming into tough situations and following people who are well-liked. Sure, Mike McWherter has the blessing of Bredesen, but let's be real. Bredesen is best known for his fashion statements (The Green Vest of Comfort he wore during the flood) and Lind is best known for his signature bowtie. McWherter has no trademark look.

2. Lind has proven that he can answer questions on the fly without causing the people watching to stare slack-jawed in horror. McWherter? Not so much.

3. Like McWherter, Lind is not a career politician. Unlike McWherter, Lind has never made an issue of this.

4. Lind is interested in things going on in my community. Just this last weekend, he attended a cricket match right by my house. McWherter has never been to a cricket match by my house during the campaign.

5. When people ask me why they should vote for McWherter, I honestly don't know why. If someone were to ask me why she should vote for Lind, I honestly wouldn't know why, either, but Lind hasn't been campaigning for months. As a non-candidate, he's as successful at articulating why he should be governor as the Democrat who is a candidate.

6. Lind will have the good sense to be embarrassed that anyone voted for him. McWherter will not.

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