Franklin High Students Protest Flip Flop Ban...FAIL?



Perhaps not filed within the Department of Truth and Consequence, under the heading "Profiles in Courage," Franklin High students — who attend a school in one of the wealthiest counties in the country — have drawn a line in the sand. They're not boycotting a prom that bans same-sex dates. Nor are they protesting massive cuts in state aid to public schools. (Clearly in Franklin this is not a concern.)

They're refusing to obey the new Draconian dress code which bans — the humanity! — flip flops. Truly, flip flops are the "cornerstone," as The Tennessean reports, of every slovenly high school student's wardrobe ... along with frayed ball caps and khaki cargo shorts.

"I always wear flip flops," junior Gabrielle Lamay told Jennifer Brooks of The Tennessean. "I just kind of think (the ban) is dumb." Powerful stuff.

Some 200 students have signed onto a Facebook campaign to flout the dictatorial decree.

Pith's verdict: Civil disobedience FAIL...

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