Ramsey Favors Forcing Parents to Go to PTA Meetings



During this morning's talk radio debate, when he wasn't demanding that the guvmint get off our backs, Ron Ramsey declared he's for forcing parents, presumably through some kind of state law, to attend school PTA meetings. That's rich, isn't it? In his next breath, Ramsey denounced the liberal nanny state. The lieutenant governor couldn't possibly express any more succinctly the hypocrisy of conservatism, at least as Republicans practice it today.

"I’ve got three daughters and when they went through school, I don’t guess if I was at home, I never missed a PTA meeting. Most of the time they were on Thursday nights and I’d get home from Nashville, and I’d go with my wife to the PTA meetings. And if you looked around the room at those PTA meetings and the parents sitting in that room weren’t the parents that needed to be there. They were the ones that were interested in their children’s education, but the ones who really need to be there never show up. I think we need to look at some kind of requirement to require these parents to take part in the PTA meetings, to take part in their schools, require them to be there. Because you’re right. It goes back to the Great Society. That’s exactly why people right now are so upset in the nation as a whole that we’ve let government become that nanny state, and we’ve inched and inched along and liberals are good at this. They started back in the early ‘60s and took a little more and a little more, and somewhere—and I think it’s now—we’ve got to draw that line in the sand and start backing up from that."


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