Ketron Compares Muslims to Snake Handlers



Would we let this guy build a church in Murfreesboro?
  • Would we let this guy build a church in Murfreesboro?
Hilariously, reporters in the 'Boro are putting Republicans on the spot for enacting that so-called Religious Freedom Act. Lawmakers passed it to grandstand for the Christian Right. They figured that like most of the items on their social conservative agenda, it wouldn't really do anything. But it turns out it's actually protecting the right of Muslims to build their mosque in Murfreesboro, which surely will train little Osama bin Ladens to blow up white Americans.

"It's a pro-Christian bill," insists state Sen. Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro. (It is! It really is!) Of the proposed mosque, he asks, "Is it truly a church or is it a training center?" Then, flailing wildly on the hot seat, he compares the mosque to a church for snake handlers or the Ku Klux Klan. We love this quote:

"What if they put in something that's dangerous to the citizens or the children of the neighborhood?" Ketron said. "There should be notice of what's changing. Does the KKK have a church? Do snake handlers have a church? Those are things that should be brought out to the general public. The more transparent we are to the general public, the better off we are."

Rep. Kent Coleman, D-Murfreesboro, seems to be enjoying the controversy:

"The Republicans sponsored that bill," Coleman said. "If that bill has created problems, my advice would be to repeal it as soon as possible. I would suggest that this bill be repealed and Republicans be more cautious in attempting to affect local governments constitutional authority to zone and provide for public safety."


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