Bredesen Runs and Hides on Immigration Issue



A Tennessee Democrat on the campaign trail.
  • A Tennessee Democrat on the campaign trail.
OK, this is exactly what's wrong with the Democratic Party in this state. Gov. Phil Bredesen admits he thinks the legislature's Arizona-style immigration bill is wrong, yet he says he signed it into law partly to avoid a political fight with Republicans in the fall elections.

“I guess you could do it (veto) as a symbolic act, but if you do so you’re just throwing it out, you’re throwing gasoline on the fire, and now there’ll be a whole bunch of political campaigns this fall about ‘we’re going to toughen up this kind of thing. In the end, I didn’t think what it did was unreasonable. Symbolically, I didn’t like it. I didn’t think it was necessary.”

That sounds like someone trying really hard to rationalize a bad decision. This law aims to harass and chase foreign-looking people out of our state. But rather than explaining that to voters, the governor decided it was better to throw up his hands and surrender to fear and ignorance. We wouldn't want to anger the Republicans, would we? They might say mean things about us. Politics is supposed to be the art of persuasion. To Tennessee Democrats, it's a game of hide and seek.


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