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Williams, scourge of the parking scofflaw
  • Williams, scourge of the parking scofflaw
When Davidson County General Sessions Court Judge Dan Eisenstein spent most of last Wednesday morning on the bench venting his fury over a police effort to fix a parking ticket for NewsChannel5 investigative reporter Phil Williams, Williams himself — winner of multiple journalistic awards for exposés of local ticket-fixing — was not in the courtroom. And testimony from a series of police functionaries hauled before the court made clear Williams had not asked for any favors.

Still, past targets of the crusading journo's stories — including Eisenstein — find the whole situation pretty rich. After the jump: a few choice audio excerpts from the judge's rant last week.

"This whole issue smacks of special treatment for a well-known person in regard to a parking ticket: Someone who knows someone." (Eisenstein is alluding to a 2006 Williams report that made the judge look more than a little foolish. Williams won a national Emmy for the piece.)

A "setup," an "innocent error," or: "The police department is scared of Phil Williams."

"I almost had a stroke. I almost fell out of my chair."

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