Poor, Poor Sheriff Hall



Turns out, when you have to fill an advisory committee with people from the communities adversely impacted by your racist pet project, they won't just behave themselves and provide you political cover, like good boys and girls.

Luckily for Sheriff Daron Hall, he's already made inroads with some folks who would be more than happy to cheer-lead for him.

Shoot, this is funny.

But, to switch tracks to something more serious, it also tells you something very disturbing about the sheriff. Advice can only come from people you are willing to acknowledge have expertise or perspective you don't have. When a person in a position of power wants an advisory committee that only parrots back to him the things he already knows, not only is he not in a position to see his mistakes, he's signaling that he has no interest in even knowing he's making them.

That's not a healthy attitude for a person in a position of power to have. And whether you agree or disagree with 287(g), everyone in this city should be concerned about a sheriff who thinks he doesn't need outside perspectives, who doesn't think he should have to listen to and treat respectfully opinions that differ with his. That's an attitude that will bite the whole city in the ass.

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