Yarbro Hits Henry on Abortion, the Environment and Health Care



Now, this is how you do it. Mike McWherter could take a cue from Jeff Yarbro. While McWherter wasted an opportunity today to explain why voters should pick him instead of Haslam or Wamp or Ramsey to be the next governor, Yarbro is drawing a sharp contrast with Sen. Douglas Henry in their primary campaign. Yesterday, Yarbro challenged Henry to a series of debates. Today, he told why he thinks debates are important:

* Sen. Henry sponsored SJR 127, which would amend Tennessee's Constitution to restrict women's reproductive rights even in instances of rape, incest, or when a woman's health is at risk. I oppose SJR 127 because I believe there are better ways to reduce the number of abortions than putting obstacles between women and their doctors.

* On the last day of session, Sen. Henry was one of only two Democrats to oppose bringing the ban on mountaintop removal coal mining to the Senate floor for a vote. He stated his opposition was due to his respect for the tradition of only addressing bills that are passed by a Senate committee. I would have voted the other way. Republican leaders are abusing the committee system to block common sense legislation on behalf of the coal industry, which employs fewer than 400 people in Tennessee.

* Sen. Henry voted for one of the health reform nullification bills, which sought to block the implementation of health care reform in Tennessee and use taxpayer funds to sue the federal government. Our state needs to focus on results rather than such futile opposition. We have to get to work on implementing health care reform in a way that strengthens the quality of care while reducing costs.

There you have it. In the time it takes to run through a supermarket checkout line, Yarbro could tell someone why they should choose him over Henry. Henry's for taking away a woman's right to decide whether to have a baby. He's against banning coal companies from blowing the tops off our mountains. And he wants to waste taxpayer money by suing the president to overturn health care reform. About all that, Yarbro disagrees with Henry. Now that Yarbro's got his message down, maybe he can help McWherter.


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