You Are So Nashville If ... You Wait Until the Last Minute to Submit Your Winning Entry



OK, we not only see your strategy, we applaud it. Wait until the Joe Scutellas, Adam Dreads and Stacy Harrises have fired off their annual salvo of entries in the Scene's time-honored "You Are So Nashville If ..." contest — then you swoop in at the 11th hour and snatch away the victory.

Even so, you're going to have stiff competition as the YASNI contest enters its 21st year. You've got just two days left — before 11:59 p.m. Thursday, June 24 — to submit the magic entry that slays your neighbors, tickles our readers and leaves your competitors shaking their fists. All you have to do is complete the phrase, "You are so Nashville if ..."

What've we got to talk about this year? Oh, not much ... just Al and Tipper Gore, Chris Johnson, guns in bars, Dale Chihuly, Arnold Myint, Mike McWherter, wine in grocery stores, the Health Freedom Act, Ron Ramsey's boot, Bill Haslam's umbrella, Zach Wamp, Chip Forrester, Trash Humpers, the Tea Party, Boots del Biaggio, Ke$ha's toothpaste of choice, Vince Young, Pastor Maury Davis, the Music City Center, May Town Center, the Scene's glossy stock, Henry vs. Yarbro, Beavers vs. Lynn, Lind vs. Trebek, etc., etc. Plus we hear there was a spell of bad weather not long ago. Never has there been less reason to clutter our inboxes with wheezy jabs at interstate construction, the many names of Old Hickory Boulevard or the ever-popular "Look At All Those Mexicans!"

Do not post your entries below in the comments box. We will route it straight to YASNI Siberia, the special purgatory reserved for entries that still reference Hee Haw and Planet Hollywood. Instead, fill out the online form — again, by the end of this coming Thursday — and start rehearsing an acceptance speech that sounds humble. May the best YASNI win!

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