Duh! MSM Discovers Right-Wing Loons in the Legislature



A little slow on the uptake, the state's major newspapers have decided to recognize what has been painfully apparent to anyone paying attention for the past two years: Republicans running the legislature are out to lunch. "GOP focus on ideology bogs Tennessee's 106th General Assembly," the headline on Rick Locker's story read. An accompanying editorial held out hope for better behavior next year.

For one thing, it won't be an election year, so there should be less pressure to pander to powerful lobbies such as the National Rifle Association or well-organized activists demanding symbolic attacks on illegal immigrants, people who don't speak English or the big, bad federal government.

For another, frustration has been building among Republicans for their many years as the minority party, but much of that frustration has been released with the party's ascendance to majority status in both chambers for the first time since 1869.

This assumes we're talking about reasonable adults, not the lunatics in the legislature. They draw from a bottomless pit of frustration. More likely, Republicans will gain seats in the fall elections and run rampant, gerrymandering Democrats out of existence as Job One. Next, they'll open college campuses to firearms, gut environmental regulations, restrict abortion rights in weird and devious ways (such as forcing pregnant women to look at ultrasounds of the fetus before they can have the procedure) and pass an Arizona-like immigration law that will brand our state as intolerant and racist and drive away tourists. Then they'll really get down to business.

Last week, Andy Sher wrote an article like Locker's. We guess it's better late than never from the MSM in this state, which typically won't report obvious truths like this for fear of offending someone. If the media would call out these legislators more often, constituents might clue in and vote the culprits out of office in November.


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