Wampism of the Day: God Blessed Chattanooga for Abortion Clinic Ban



In this week's Scene, we catalog yet more of the sayings of Zach Wamp, that spittle-flecked guy running for governor who the Democrats are hoping to face in the fall election. It turns out Wamp believes God divvies up jobs based on whether you've been naughty or nice. Here he is channeling his inner Pat Robertson at this summer's Tea Party convention in Gatlinburg:

"Let me tell you one of the reasons why Chattanooga is a very blessed city today, why we have so much new economic development and why we're really an anointed city. There are no abortion clinics in Chattanooga. We made a decision. We made a decision a long time ago that we were going to work as a community to not allow abortion clinics in our city, and I got to tell you we're trying to be after God's own heart. I mean it's hard to say that. Lincoln said, we don't claim to have God on our side but we strive to be on his. And that's the deal here. People who seek righteousness and the right thing are blessed and anointed. Our city is blessed. Our state will be blessed as we remove this scourge and plague of killing innocent children in the womb."


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