Wamp Is No-Show for Big GOP Vote Against Health Care Mandate



As much as Zach Wamp rails against the individual mandate in the national health care overhaul, you'd think he would have high-tailed it to the nation's capital yesterday to vote for the Republican Party's big effort to repeal it.

The motion to recommit—a parliamentary effort to strip the mandate from the health care law—failed in the House. The vote was largely party-line—Rep. Joseph Cao was the only Republican who voted no. Tennessee Democratic Reps. Lincoln Davis and John Tanner voted for it; the rest of Tennessee delegation voted with their parties. Zach Wamp didn't vote.

Apparently, he was too busy on the campaign trail here in Tennessee telling voters how much he hates the health care law. "We can repeal the onerous sections of this bill and not have to live under this,” he said in Northeast Tennessee this week.

Update: Wamp flack defends the AWOL congressman. "While Congressman Wamp strongly supports his colleagues for any attempt to show opposition to the Obama health-care plan, it failed by a solid margin. This vote could come up to put Democrats on the spot again and again."


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