Wamp's New Slogan: Aim for the Bottom!



Wamp greatly admires the low-tax status of Haiti, where prosperity clearly is on the rise.
  • Wamp greatly admires the low-tax status of Haiti, where prosperity clearly is on the rise.
Tennessee is one of lowest taxing states. According to this source, only six states have lower tax burdens. But that's not lean and mean enough for Zach Wamp. In last week's debate before the Tennessee Bar Association, he laid out his innovative prescription for achieving Nirvana in Tennessee.

"The states that are the most competitive are the ones that are the most austere going forward. We have to become an austere, limited government, low-tax state, and we will attract investment. That’s where small businesses are going to grow. This is a different model, a different paradigm. The government spending model will not work, has not worked. Go the other direction. This is not about looking for new ways to get revenues. This is about reducing your overhead. You do that and you’ll be the most competitive and dynamic state. That’s what Tennessee needs to do."

So there you have it. We need to hold that line on taxes and lay off more and more state workers apparently until we hit rock bottom. In the World According to Wamp, when we can say we're No. 50 in everything, then our economy will take off like a rocket ship—just like Mississippi's, right? In fact, if we really want our economy to shake 'n' bake, shouldn't we aim even lower? Maybe Haiti should become our model. Reach for the bottom, Tennessee!

More Wampisms: He vows to be a governor like Texas' Rick Perry. Just what we've been waiting for (going forward, that is).

"The experience that I put before you today far surpasses the other candidates, no matter what they say, or what you read, or how much money they spend. That’s the fact. I am ready to lead this state forward. We’ve got to do it with the right background and the right backbone. Because these are going to be difficult days. We’ve got to protect what we have in Tennessee as we go forward, and it’s going to take resolve and determination. I’m going to be a Rick Perry kind of governor, and we need that in Tennessee as we go forward."


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