Henry Defends Hispanics, Insults Middle Easterners



Sen. Douglas Henry is making a big deal out of his opposition to the resolution praising Arizona for its immigration law. To all those progressives out there in his district who are tempted to vote for Jeff Yarbro in August's primary, Henry hopes his vote will help prove his bona fides as a good Democrat. But we went to the videotape to hear Henry's little speech on the Senate floor, and it turns out that what Henry said isn't all that, um, progressive after all.

"You may ask why I take the trouble to talk about this resolution of commendation. Well, I represent a few thousand Hispanic people in the district I represent They're hard-working people. They take jobs nobody else will take. Work in hot sunshine; no complaint. They're a part of our economy here in Nashville. And to pass a resolution like this seems to me to be a slap in the face. Now if Arizona were full of Middle Eastern immigrants, people might say well they're going to throw bombs and blow people up, that'd be something else. But there are not many Middle Eastern immigrants in Arizona; they're mainly Hispanics just like ours in Middle Tennessee. So there's no factual reason for doing this. All you're doing is insulting folks who are trying to make a better life for themselves and send a little money to their folks in Mexico."

So it's OK with Henry if we tear up the constitutional rights of Middle Eastern immigrants, but not Hispanics. Henry can relate to those hard-working Hispanics. That's probably because in Belle Meade, they need Hispanics to work in their gardens and tend their yards.


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