H. G. Hill Park: A Review



Theres good picnic space at H. G. Hill Park.
  • There's good picnic space at H. G. Hill Park.
In Short:

Location: On Charlotte, right by the new shopping center
Crowds: None
Approximate Age of Patrons: My age
Topics of Conversation: "What a good girl you are!"
Stray Dogs Seen: None
Types of Vehicles in Parking Lots: Police cars
Perceived Safety: Very, very high
Number of Gunshots Heard: None
Dog Friendliness: Medium-low
Number of pitbulls sighted: Mine
Accessibility: Pretty good
Incorporation of Local History: Very high
Recommended Patrons: History buffs, people who like to ogle cops, folks who are having trouble finding a parking spot at Red Robin

The replica of James Robertsons house.
  • The replica of James Robertson's house.
H.G. Hill Park is probably one of those parks you've driven by a million times but never stopped at. As far as parks go, it's a cute little one. There's a picnic pavilion and a sign that tells you all about James Robertson, whose house is replicated in the park.

I can't think of a park I've felt safer in. I mean, it's impossible to feel unsafe in this park, I'd think, unless you were there to do something nefarious. There are police cars everywhere and police officers getting in and out of them.

The home looks like it might be used for educational purposes. To that end, there's a nice ramp that makes it very accessible and some lovely benches if you just want to admire the house. There are also a bunch of signs telling you to keep out and that there's no trespassing, but I am dying to meet the person ballsy enough to squat in a house that close to a police station.

It's hard to imagine who but history buffs and police families would spend a lot of time in this park, but I kind of like a little park just set aside for police officers. I like to imagine a cop hanging out at the picnic table, drinking some coffee, just decompressing after a long shift.

The park's got a good vibe, anyway. Well worth the stop, I think.

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