Zach Wamp Insists He's Not a Wild Man



This is not Zach Wamp.
  • This is not Zach Wamp.
OK, listen up people, Zach Wamp is tired of everybody thinking he's a hot-tempered lunatic looking to pick fights. He's really hot about it, in fact, and ready to fight about it. So what if he sleeps with a gun and constantly threatens to meet nonexistent enemies at the state border? That's not crazy. Wamp made this clear in last week's Tennessee Bar Association forum:

"I’ve got a long record in Washington of being fair and reasonable and open and cooperative. I was hailed for my bipartisanship until I became a candidate for governor, and now some would have you think that I’m just a wild man wanting to fight. But there are certain things worth fighting for. And I am a fighter. And we need a fighter right now in Tennessee as we go forward because of this federal government-state conflict that is coming. I’ve got the right background and the right backbone to be Tennessee’s governor."


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