Taint Misbehavin': Madison Man Alleges Mapco Express Toilet Poked His Perineum


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In one of the more cringe-worthy filings in Davidson County Circuit Court Pith has seen in some time, Jack Goins of Madison filed a lawsuit this week seeking unspecified damages from Delek US Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Mapco Express gas stations, for injuries he alleges he received in June 2009 in a Mapco bathroom on Neely's Bend Road in Madison.

His attorney, Luvell L. Glanton, tells Pith that Goins entered the bathroom and sat down on a toilet seat that wasn't properly bolted down. The seat slipped and Goins braced himself, in the process allegedly injuring his neck and left rotator cuff. Worst of all, he claims, he sat back down on an exposed bolt, impacting his perineum and damaging his prostate.

Glanton says his client has been treated by a urologist since then but has permanent problems with urine retention and pain. "It messed him up pretty bad," Glanton says. "This was an older man ... see, he's in his 70s."

Pith left a message at a number listed in Brentwood for Delek. We'll update you if we hear back from them.

Update: A representative from Delek said they would not comment on ongoing litigation.

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